Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Verdict on the Homemade Deodorant.......

....the homemade deodorant works...and it works WELL.  We've had temps in the mid 90's here recently so it was a good week to test out the homemade deodorant (recipe below).   My husband has been using it too and it passes the sniff test for both of us.  I was waiting to see how it performed before chucking my commercial deodorant in the trash...so in the trash my tube of Secret went!  My daughter stopped by on her way home from a vacation in California and I gave her a jar to take home with her and so far I think she loves it too, she even texted me later for the recipe.
It's a winner for sure, and now that we have a safe, natural and cost effective alternative to the toxic commercial brands....there's no going back for me.