Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmases Past Crafts

 My daughter and I have a bit of fun each year creating Christmas lovelies for ourselves and to give as gifts.  We are almost always on a budget so here's just a few of the pretties we've put together  in previous years....almost all of these materials can be found at either the Dollar Tree, Goodwill...or any other thrift store.  All you need is a bit of paint, glitter and a lot of imagination....and Pinterest helps too....
 These are Dollar Tree churches and houses...we spray painted them all white and then glittered them up!
 These are Dollar Tree bottle brush trees perched on top of glass salt and pepper shakers found at our favorite thrift store...just add some fake snow and Voila!
 Love these....thrifted canning jars filled with fake snow and white trees from Dollar Tree...we glued on little pearls and added ribbon garland...don't forget to glitter up the lids for some extra sparkle!
 This made a cute vignette...thrifted glass vase...with faux snow, Dollar Tree trees and we perched a tree on top of a Matchbox car!
Cute, cute, son had this adorable little red matchbox truck and I borrowed it to add to my vignette.  It doesn't cost a lot of money to add some Christmas charm :)

My daughter is visiting us for Thanksgiving...and we're going to work on our next project then too....I will give you a involves these:
Stay tuned to find out!! Have a great week and a wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Verdict on the Homemade Deodorant.......

....the homemade deodorant works...and it works WELL.  We've had temps in the mid 90's here recently so it was a good week to test out the homemade deodorant (recipe below).   My husband has been using it too and it passes the sniff test for both of us.  I was waiting to see how it performed before chucking my commercial deodorant in the in the trash my tube of Secret went!  My daughter stopped by on her way home from a vacation in California and I gave her a jar to take home with her and so far I think she loves it too, she even texted me later for the recipe.
It's a winner for sure, and now that we have a safe, natural and cost effective alternative to the toxic commercial brands....there's no going back for me.