Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Hidden Hoard

  You are probably wondering what exactly I'm hoarding here...lol.  It's not sheep...although I am constantly on the lookout for vintage orphaned nativity sheep.  I bought this prim little cubbie years ago, I believe from Goodwill, it has been moved around from room to room over the years and this is where it sits currently...in my hallway.
  Each of the little drawers holds different treasures....while going through them I found: a tiny eyeglass repair kit, dice, thumbtacks, a pop up turkey timer, needle and thread, batteries, bobby pins, various lone earrings, replacement led for a mechanical pencil, one of the pets old and worn rabies tag as well as various other things.
  What is MOST unusual is something that has an entire drawer dedicated to the collection....here it is folks...my hoard:
Bread tabs....93 of them to be exact.  Why? I really don't know...it just got to be a habit of mine to toss one or two in the drawer because I hated it when the tabs went missing and you still needed one to keep the bread fresh.  So, that's it, that's my hoard...if you need any bread tabs let me know. I think I can spare a few. :)