Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am Here

                                                         Photo via Pinterest

    I am Here. Just very busy and have had many things on my mind that have nothing to do with the blogging world.  My husband told me that I had over 40 spam messages on my last post so I changed my settings and now I have to approve comments.  When the cat's away the mice will play I suppose:)
    We have had no snow accumulation this Winter, and the past few days have felt very much like Spring.  I am cleaning and rearranging and throwing things out and actually enjoying it very much. It is very rainy here and the dog has tracked in so much muck all over my floors it's hard to keep up.
   I have slowly begun to come around and visit all my neighbors blogs....I have missed so much. I will be back computer is in need of a new cord so while I am waiting on that I have been stealing moments on my husband's office's very hard to read blogs from a smart phone...and it's a horrible strain on my middle-aged eyes. :)

Blessings to all for a great Weekend.