Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm on vacation from my vacation...

  Well, first I'll start off by saying I'm not very fond of the new blogger's very unfamiliar to me and kinda of "stark" looking, I know I've been gone too long but all I have to say is ICK. I'm not even sure if I'll stick with this background but I was feeling pink last night when I chose it. I'm trying to surround myself with loveliness and JOY since I'm very sour about the election results....I'm sure it was a steal, if you know what I mean. I personally feel America took the wrong turn at the fork in the road but I can sleep well knowing I had no part in it and whatever happens the Lord is in control.

   My vacation back to New England shall I put it....the worst vacation I ever took in my adult life. I hadn't been back to New England in 10 years and I was so excited to see not only my family, but my husband's family as well. My son went with me, the last time he was in New England was when he was 6 so he really didn't remember much about it. I, on the other hand, was born and raised there and didn't move away until I was 32 so I had SO MANY places I wanted to revisit that brought me so many great memories. I was sad to discover that the quaint little New England town that I remembered was no longer quaint or little....growth made it boom into a town I didn't recognize and I swear to you there was a Dunkin Donuts about every half mile as you traveled down the roads (roads that used to be single lane in each direction but now were widened to two and three lanes in each direction, some even rerouted entirely). You know when you have fond memories of something and it always stays the same whenever you think about it? I kind of wish I didn't go back because now, when I think of my hometown, I think of how I saw it last and not how I remembered it...or expected it be...the same.  I'm very nostalgic, I remember smells, feelings, sounds from a certain time and place and I keep the silliest things as souvenirs ...I think this is important, it's important to hold onto something that once was because you will never get it back.  Sometimes you can't go back and then there are times when you should not go back.

   Family also changes, people in your family have their own lives, their own problems and worries, and you may even discover they no longer share the same values.  I found myself in the company of a lot of unhappiness and let me tell ya, I'm pretty happy-go-lucky but if there's an elephant in the room I will be the first to acknowledge it and ask about why it's there (that doesn't always go over so well).  I've never been the kind of person who dances around a subject, if I have something to say-especially if it concerns someone I love-then I say it.  Sometimes, to find out if someone needs help, you need only just ask.... but then, there are times when you have to realize that there is absolutely nothing you can do because once a person has it in their mind to be miserable...then you have to accept that and walk away.

  I have my own family, my own worries and my own day to day issues.. but from this experience....this vacation...I realized just exactly how happy I really am. I had an "Ah Ha moment" from a horrible vacation....and so I believe my vacation had to be that show me just how Blessed I am.  It served it's purpose I suppose....that's what God wanted me to see. a nutshell....there you have it.

  Here's my kitchen Christmas tree we just put up....after it got knocked over 3 times by the cat and dog, we put it in a #5 Redwing shoulder crock.  I love it!  I am slooooowly eeking out my Christmas about you?

Have a Blessed Weekend!