Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Private Spaces

I just thought I'd give you a peek into one small part of my bedroom....this space includes a vintage dresser that I repainted and adorned with some vintage lovelies.  This old dresser used to be Mr. Bittersweets when he was a was dark brown, then a turquoise blue, mossy green and now it's an ivory color but I distressed it so all the colors from it's previous life are visible.
I also changed out the hardware because at one point, when it was green, my son was using it as a dresser in his room and I wanted it to have a more updated feel.
Right now, it's acting as a holds craft and wrapping supplies.  I have a desk in my room that I use for crafting but it doesn't have as many drawers as it should so this dresser really came in handy for me.
I recently picked up an antique cast iron soap dish at a local antiques store so I thought it made a nice holder for my collection of old skeleton keys.  I placed a tattered piece of lace between the keys and the dish to make the keys stand out a bit.  I adore old keys don't you?
A vintage bell jar holds a collection of white and pearl antique buttons.  Some are from my Great Grandmother's collection.
Some of you may remember my assistant Charlotte,,,she used to sit on my desk and help me craft but while on a recent foray at Goodwill I found her a boyfriend.....
...actually I found this boy AND another Charlotte.  I was very excited and snapped them right up!  Actually, the busts are Louise AND Alexander Brongniart the original busts were sculpted by Jean Antoine Houdon and are on display in the Louvre. ( I have an extra Charlotte (Louise) in my Etsy shoppe if anyone is interested)
Love this tiny little painting on silk...I bought it to resell but I haven't been able to bring myself to part with it!
A beautiful rosewood box that holds my heart  topped with some lace and antique books.....
..these books belonged to my Great Grandmother Emma who is pictured in my header.  They mean so much to me.
I love this vintage creamer, it has just the right amount of patina on's the perfect resting place for this glittery pink fabric rose. Another item I bought to resell but couldn't part with.
I've had this vintage print of a painting for over 10 years and before that it spent 25 years hanging in a shop in Connecticut as part of the decor and before THAT it was purchased at an antique store.  I recently found out it is a painting of Lady Emma Hamilton who lived from 1765 to 1815...very cool indeed.  I also adore the  pillow sachet I have on the dresser top, made from an antique monogrammed handkerchief...stuffed to capacity with lavender..... it smells so heavenly.

I hope you are all having a lovely week....