Sunday, January 30, 2011

When it rains it pours....

Well...I had a bit of a toothache last week and took myself to the dentist....I have an old filling thats gone bad, and an infection soooooooo now it's gonna be a root canal and crown...oh goodie. I just love getting root canals...ugh.  I have a old crown that needs to come out and a filling on a root canal that should be a crown so looks like they'll be seeing a lot of me over there at the dentist's office.  I realized that it can never just be ONE simple, that would be too easy.

I'm on an antibiotic and quite frankly, if the infection isn't gone by the time I have to have the root canal done then I am postponing it.....when you have an infection you are unable to get numb and you feel EVERYTHING.....I've already lived through this once and it's not an experience I want to repeat.  I would rather give birth quite least you get a surprise at the end.  I remember when we were kids we had a dentist who used to magically remove animal shaped erasers from our don't get that at my age.

Blessings to all for a great week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Treats, a Rip and a Rainbow

I ended up baking 4 Lemon Pound Cakes and 2 Banana Nut Breads during my baking spree in preparation for the Jazz fundraiser.  The sliced Lemon Cake in the back was for us... (oh so yummy, my favorite).
Another of the Lemon Cakes I gave to my daughter's boyfriend to take home for his family so that left the rest for the bakesale.  It was a silent auction and went VERY well...the kids who performed in the Jazz Chior and Jazz Band put on a fantastic performance and it was a wonderful night out.

Just prior to leaving for the fundraiser, I was ironing the dress my daughter was to wear for her performance when the most horrific thing happened..............
..I had the setting too high on the iron and it grabbed hold of the fabric and ripped a HUGE hole in it! It was right in the very front of her dress...I was so mortified!  Mind you, this was about an hour and a half before she had to be at the school...the Jazz choir has a dress code of black dresses for girls and black suits with pink shirts for the guys.....and this was the only suitable black dress she had.  We jumped in the car and drove to the next town over (we live in a very small town) to the nearest big department store.  With about 30 minutes to spare, Daughter found the most perfect dress for her performance.  Whew!! It was a costly mistake on my part but we loved the second dress even better than the original one. I thanked God for letting us find one right there waiting for us. I think He was just telling me to SLOW DOWN.

As I was walking down my hallway to the front door, I looked up through the window over the door and saw this..... my Son and I grabbed our cameras and headed out on the front porch for a better look.
It was a double rainbow...not sure if you can see both of them in the photos but they were lovely.
I hope God blesses you all with a rainbow or two and take my advice and slow down, take a deep breath every now and then! Blessings to all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Semester One is closing....

I will be posting irregularly this next week, the first semester is closing ..although my son is schooled at home-his curriculum is run by the state so we have some fine tuning to do to get any late work in so he can receive credits for these classes.  Then of course, next week is finals week so lots to do to prepare.

This week there will be a fund-raising bake sale for the students in Jazz choir and Jazz band....the proceeds help fund the student's trip to Disney, where they will perform in April.  My daughter is in Jazz Choir so I will be baking up a storm tomorrow in preparation of the fundraiser, and I'm sure I'll be a patron as well!

Blessings to all for a great week!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Sweet Deal....

My dear friend Amy at Four Sisters in a Cottage is having a sweet Valentines Giveaway! Hop on over to enter and make sure you follow her directions for eligibility!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can can in the New Year

I have made it one of my New Year's resolutions to learn how to preserve and can my own food this year....I believe this was one of last year's resolutions as well but it just never happened.  With the rising cost of food...not to mention the questionable ingredients in much of what we consume today...I've decided to go ahead and give it a shot.   I know many of you fabulous ladies are very resourceful and have already been canning your own food for years now....any tips would be greatly appreciated.

2010 found me diagnosed with high blood pressure so I really need to watch my sodium intake....I have become quite a label reader and I am vowing to cut out processed foods from the BittersweetPunkin household.  I am beefing up my pantry...I'm getting ready to buy large glass containers to store things like rice, beans, oats etc that I will buy in bulk and I am making it a mission to never serve a boring meal again.  Sometimes I find myself being very redundant in the meals I serve, and my family's lack of enthusiasm is very telling. Hopefully this is the year that we can buy a chest freezer to store excess meat in.....right now I am at the mercy of a tiny over the fridge model that doesn't hold much.

Our grocery bill has absolutely sky-rocketed and I am getting alarmed at how much it costs to simply feed this small family of four...and trust me, I am no stranger when it comes to buying generic or store brands and reduced price meat.  Our family hasn't taken a vacation since about 2003 when we went to Mount sad isn't it?

I would love to hear any and all of your tips for frugal living.....won't you share?