Saturday, November 21, 2020

 I am leading a very private life right now, still fighting the good fight. I've been struggling with my cancer therapy...some days are much better than others.  I thought I could slip back into blogging but I am just not afforded the extra time nor the discipline to commit.  My priorities have shifted just a bit.....I may, in the future, return to blogging but for now... enjoy the archives.

  I wish you all a very Blessed life and I pray 2021 is much kinder than 2020. Below is a snapshot of my JOY this past year.


Monday, October 7, 2019

Happy Fall 2019 and Who is STILL Blogging?

 Happy most favorite time of the year.  As some of you may know the last year has been a bit of a challenge for me as I have been fighting Stage 2 breast cancer....and we also bought a house in Michigan of all places!  So...we've been out of the Seattle area for just over a year now. I am also coming up on my first year in remission....thanking God for that.
 My cancer surgery happened at the same time we closed on the house and once I healed from surgery I started my radiation treatments shortly after we settled into our new house.  Every room in the house needs to be painted but my brother surprised me with a visit last October and he painted my kitchen for me. The above fireplace is in my kitchen...I just love it.
 The radiation treatments left me absolutely exhausted for months...I had 33 rounds of radiation, I had radiation every day except for weekends so needless to say I didn't have much energy to do the things one usually does when they move into a new house. I was grateful to go though, I was told it wasn't necessary to have chemotherapy ...just the radiation.  I told myself "You got this"...and I did.
 So fast forward a bit....I have a lot of my energy back, although I do tire more easily, I'm now working a 40 hour job and I'm thinking about all the things I need to do around the house...TO the husband knows I'll do what I need to TIME. I have all my ideas in my mind....and on my Pinterest boards lol.
 I started to blog again about 7 or 8 months ago but I was also thinking about looking for a job at that time as well and I didn't want to put it OUT THERE that I had cancer...I didn't want it to hinder my job prospects...didn't want to be looked at like a LIABILITY.....although I must say...I was very open when I had to explain my gap in employment and found that my fear was unfounded as I was offered not one but TWO positions.
 I had originally intended to work part time as I wasn't sure if I had the stamina to keep a 40 hour a week job, but it just so happens that working full time is pretty okay right now.
 My first Michigan winter was very cold and we had tons of snow, something we rarely saw in Seattle. One of the most beautiful sights is when the Deer come through my yard...also something that never happened in the Seattle area.  I have tons of pictures, next time I post I will share them with you.
 I miss my daughter dearly, she lives back in Idaho with a wonderful young man who adores her. For years I envisioned a Bittersweet Family compound where we could all live together but in seperate houses with our own little families but still be connected....a fantasy for sure.  I can still dream.  My son is here with us and for that I am truly thankful.
 So I am starting to think about getting the inside of the house painted now that the weather is a bit cooler and I find that I am getting restless to make the necessary changes, right now I have the most hideous orange/canteloupe paint color runnng through my front foyer and up the stairs......what the previous homeowners were thinking when they chose THAT color...I don't                                         
So, are you still blogging?    Some of my favorites are not blogging anymore but I do see them occasionally on Facebook. I'm gonna slow down a bit...I used to get such JOY out of blogging.  I was saddened to learn that one of my most favorite bloggers had passed after a long battle with cancer, I'll post more on that next time too.  I'm off to indulge in some chamomile tea with milk and's the little things now.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmases Past Crafts

 My daughter and I have a bit of fun each year creating Christmas lovelies for ourselves and to give as gifts.  We are almost always on a budget so here's just a few of the pretties we've put together  in previous years....almost all of these materials can be found at either the Dollar Tree, Goodwill...or any other thrift store.  All you need is a bit of paint, glitter and a lot of imagination....and Pinterest helps too....
 These are Dollar Tree churches and houses...we spray painted them all white and then glittered them up!
 These are Dollar Tree bottle brush trees perched on top of glass salt and pepper shakers found at our favorite thrift store...just add some fake snow and Voila!
 Love these....thrifted canning jars filled with fake snow and white trees from Dollar Tree...we glued on little pearls and added ribbon garland...don't forget to glitter up the lids for some extra sparkle!
 This made a cute vignette...thrifted glass vase...with faux snow, Dollar Tree trees and we perched a tree on top of a Matchbox car!
Cute, cute, son had this adorable little red matchbox truck and I borrowed it to add to my vignette.  It doesn't cost a lot of money to add some Christmas charm :)

My daughter is visiting us for Thanksgiving...and we're going to work on our next project then too....I will give you a involves these:
Stay tuned to find out!! Have a great week and a wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Verdict on the Homemade Deodorant.......

....the homemade deodorant works...and it works WELL.  We've had temps in the mid 90's here recently so it was a good week to test out the homemade deodorant (recipe below).   My husband has been using it too and it passes the sniff test for both of us.  I was waiting to see how it performed before chucking my commercial deodorant in the in the trash my tube of Secret went!  My daughter stopped by on her way home from a vacation in California and I gave her a jar to take home with her and so far I think she loves it too, she even texted me later for the recipe.
It's a winner for sure, and now that we have a safe, natural and cost effective alternative to the toxic commercial brands....there's no going back for me.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So, it's been awhile.  We have moved from a very large house to an older far I am loving it.  I do not miss the wasted space the previous house had with it's vaulted ceilings and open concept living area.  I know lots of people would love to have an open floor plan but really, unless you are a very immaculate house can always see the dirty dishes from the living room. :)
This house is an older house and reminds me of a cottage, it has plantation shutters throughout...which I love.  All of my vintage and antiques fit much nicer in this home, our previous home was built in 2004 and was very new construction's kinda hard to make old things fit into a newly built home that doesn't have such characteristics as chair rails, wainscoting, or crown molding.....but we got by...I made my shabby, chippy and peeling furniture fit the best I could.

We've been in this house for less than 6 months and are still settling in.  Recently, my brother sent me a few boxes of Bittersweet vines from New England that I am still working into my decor.
I adore Bittersweet...I really do. The last time I received bittersweet was about 10 years ago so I was so thankful to receive a freshly harvested supply.

I recently made a label for my vintage cream can that I've had for many years.  i printed an image off the web and then aged it with Krylon paper Finishes Antiquing Spray and a permanent marker (a tip I found on Pinterest)
I LOVE Pinterest...I have come across so many clever folks and lots of great blogs in the process!
I am going to try to keep my little bloggy going as I realize I've missed well as visiting my neighbors here on the web.
Blessings to all.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Hidden Hoard

  You are probably wondering what exactly I'm hoarding  It's not sheep...although I am constantly on the lookout for vintage orphaned nativity sheep.  I bought this prim little cubbie years ago, I believe from Goodwill, it has been moved around from room to room over the years and this is where it sits my hallway.
  Each of the little drawers holds different treasures....while going through them I found: a tiny eyeglass repair kit, dice, thumbtacks, a pop up turkey timer, needle and thread, batteries, bobby pins, various lone earrings, replacement led for a mechanical pencil, one of the pets old and worn rabies tag as well as various other things.
  What is MOST unusual is something that has an entire drawer dedicated to the it is hoard:
Bread tabs....93 of them to be exact.  Why? I really don't just got to be a habit of mine to toss one or two in the drawer because I hated it when the tabs went missing and you still needed one to keep the bread fresh.  So, that's it, that's my hoard...if you need any bread tabs let me know. I think I can spare a few. :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good Tidings and Great Joy

Did you have a fabulous Christmas?  I did, and I hope the New Year is even more fabulous......I have high hopes for 2014.  I will be blogging more in the new year, this past year got away from me and although it was kind of nice not having to worry about blogging or my etsy store (which has been on hiatus), I'm ready to get back in the loop. Mr. Bittersweet has gifted me with a lovely new laptop so I don't have too many excuses now....

My daughter gave me this Underwood typewriter for Christmas and my son gave me a vintage kitchen scale to go with my collection.....once I start taking down the Christmas decor, I'll be sure to post my lovelies as I get them displayed.

Peace to all and a Joyous New Year.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I crown thee....

Don't be so hasty to throw those broken ornaments away....pieces from old broken jewelry work well too!
There's always room for more than one Queen. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Our Winter here where I am is a very long season of rain, rain and more rain.  We finally have a few days of sunshine and we're ready to welcome Spring.  I took the leaf out of my table to allow for a bit more room and since we all have our own seemed more like a catch-all than a place for people to gather.
My son and I sit at the table to do school during the day and this will suit us just fine. My daughter works full time and will start college in a few weeks so very rarely do the four of us gather here for a meal all at the same time.
I've always had a rocking chair in the corner...sometimes it's this green one, or an old white one, or the one I got 20 years ago for a baby shower gift.  Some of you may remember our kitty Flynn that passed away a few years ago....this was his spot...he loved sleeping in the rocker in the corner.  I embroidered his name on the pillow but you really can't see it well due to the floral I have plans to make another one soon.
Our youngest cat, Simba, has taken over the rocker but it will always be Flynn's chair.
Simba is quite adventurous, he recently discovered that he can jump from the red armoire to the cabinet tops...
Our other two cats are between 11 and 13 years old so they're not quite as daring, which suits Simba just fine.  He has this space all to himself.
Walter has been waiting for Spring also, he spends a lot of his time in the window overlooking the common area behind our house....even he is getting tired of all the rain.
He's very resourceful though and makes his own fun ...almost daily after running around in the back yard, he finger paints for me on the back slider. This is one of my favorites, you can see his little paw prints :)
I hope you all have a Blessed Week and I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am Here

                                                         Photo via Pinterest

    I am Here. Just very busy and have had many things on my mind that have nothing to do with the blogging world.  My husband told me that I had over 40 spam messages on my last post so I changed my settings and now I have to approve comments.  When the cat's away the mice will play I suppose:)
    We have had no snow accumulation this Winter, and the past few days have felt very much like Spring.  I am cleaning and rearranging and throwing things out and actually enjoying it very much. It is very rainy here and the dog has tracked in so much muck all over my floors it's hard to keep up.
   I have slowly begun to come around and visit all my neighbors blogs....I have missed so much. I will be back computer is in need of a new cord so while I am waiting on that I have been stealing moments on my husband's office's very hard to read blogs from a smart phone...and it's a horrible strain on my middle-aged eyes. :)

Blessings to all for a great Weekend.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm on vacation from my vacation...

  Well, first I'll start off by saying I'm not very fond of the new blogger's very unfamiliar to me and kinda of "stark" looking, I know I've been gone too long but all I have to say is ICK. I'm not even sure if I'll stick with this background but I was feeling pink last night when I chose it. I'm trying to surround myself with loveliness and JOY since I'm very sour about the election results....I'm sure it was a steal, if you know what I mean. I personally feel America took the wrong turn at the fork in the road but I can sleep well knowing I had no part in it and whatever happens the Lord is in control.

   My vacation back to New England shall I put it....the worst vacation I ever took in my adult life. I hadn't been back to New England in 10 years and I was so excited to see not only my family, but my husband's family as well. My son went with me, the last time he was in New England was when he was 6 so he really didn't remember much about it. I, on the other hand, was born and raised there and didn't move away until I was 32 so I had SO MANY places I wanted to revisit that brought me so many great memories. I was sad to discover that the quaint little New England town that I remembered was no longer quaint or little....growth made it boom into a town I didn't recognize and I swear to you there was a Dunkin Donuts about every half mile as you traveled down the roads (roads that used to be single lane in each direction but now were widened to two and three lanes in each direction, some even rerouted entirely). You know when you have fond memories of something and it always stays the same whenever you think about it? I kind of wish I didn't go back because now, when I think of my hometown, I think of how I saw it last and not how I remembered it...or expected it be...the same.  I'm very nostalgic, I remember smells, feelings, sounds from a certain time and place and I keep the silliest things as souvenirs ...I think this is important, it's important to hold onto something that once was because you will never get it back.  Sometimes you can't go back and then there are times when you should not go back.

   Family also changes, people in your family have their own lives, their own problems and worries, and you may even discover they no longer share the same values.  I found myself in the company of a lot of unhappiness and let me tell ya, I'm pretty happy-go-lucky but if there's an elephant in the room I will be the first to acknowledge it and ask about why it's there (that doesn't always go over so well).  I've never been the kind of person who dances around a subject, if I have something to say-especially if it concerns someone I love-then I say it.  Sometimes, to find out if someone needs help, you need only just ask.... but then, there are times when you have to realize that there is absolutely nothing you can do because once a person has it in their mind to be miserable...then you have to accept that and walk away.

  I have my own family, my own worries and my own day to day issues.. but from this experience....this vacation...I realized just exactly how happy I really am. I had an "Ah Ha moment" from a horrible vacation....and so I believe my vacation had to be that show me just how Blessed I am.  It served it's purpose I suppose....that's what God wanted me to see. a nutshell....there you have it.

  Here's my kitchen Christmas tree we just put up....after it got knocked over 3 times by the cat and dog, we put it in a #5 Redwing shoulder crock.  I love it!  I am slooooowly eeking out my Christmas about you?

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm back

...been back for a while, just been neglecting my little blog. It's late night right now and after picking out a new background for my blog I've decided it's too late for a long winded blog post. I'll be back on tomorrow night (Fri) Catch up with you then and I'll talk about my vacation and whatnot. :) ~Robin

Thursday, August 2, 2012