Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm back

...been back for a while, just been neglecting my little blog. It's late night right now and after picking out a new background for my blog I've decided it's too late for a long winded blog post. I'll be back on tomorrow night (Fri) Catch up with you then and I'll talk about my vacation and whatnot. :) ~Robin


Vee said...

Back, but not really? Lovely to find a post. Hope that we get that Friday night one, too. Saturday's good. =)

Valerie Berdeski said...

I'm Leaving... Yay for me... I am off to Visit Mom, in Asheville NC for three weeks... for some "On the Job Training"
I like your blog... I should start one of my own... : ) valerie

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your story about how we don't have to see God to have faith. It's nice to see positive Christian messages. Einstein was Jewish though. He has lots of things attributed to him. I thought he was vegan but most likely he just made a nice comment about the vegan lifestyle. Good luck with your blog