Sunday, July 1, 2012

Housekeeping and the Fourth...

  I am finding that having a curly haired dog is not so good for my housekeeping.  My pink Dyson is getting a daily workout...sometimes twice a day.  Walter is very cute and has lots of energy at 8 months old, but every time he runs through the house I think he loses a pound of fur.  Lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs has become quite the chore and my back is beginning to husband asked me if it would be cruel to shave the's beginning to look like a great idea to me. :)  Makes me miss my Sadie Mae that much more, she was a short hair and the only time she ever shed was when she was sick.

I am really just puttering around the house....waiting for the sun to come out, it really doesn't seem like summer to me here in the Pacific other parts are getting the high heat...we still have rain and fairly low temps.  SO looking forward to my New England vacation in August!!!  I have some kitchen chairs I need to repaint...hopefully the weather will be nice this coming weekend so I can take them outside to sand and paint them..and give my kitchen table a darker coat of stain.  I'll post the before and after pics when I do.

  There's been lot's of "test" fireworks going off all around us, as fireworks are legal in this state..and the good news is Walter hasn't batted an eyelash at all the booms and pops.  These same sounds would have sent Sadie shaking into the closet.....but I guess the true test will be on the 4th.  We have no big plans, the neighborhood usually has a lot of fireworks and we can hear the fireworks display next door at the lake, although the trees are too high to really see them well.  We bought our fireworks from Costco this year, which was WAY cheaper than buying them at one of the Fireworks stands.

My thoughts and prayers have been with all our friends in Colorado Springs, many of our friends and former neighbors have been relocated to safer areas.  So sad to see all the devastation, some landmarks we used to pass by on a daily basis are now gone....businesses and homes.  I pray they get this fire contained before too much of that beautiful state gets devoured in it.

Hope you all have a Blessed Fourth.


Terra said...

All that vacuuming sounds like a lot of work, but of course the reward of having your cute dog makes it worth it. Nice she doesn't fear fireworks.

Vee said...

I am seriously considering an upstairs vacuum as it is difficult to haul the cleaner up and down stairs.

Thank you for the good have a wonderful holiday, too.

Trish said...

Ahhh....yes, marvelous them. Happy 4th of July. Although fireworks are not legal in my 'neck of the woods' (ocean...grin), First Nations Communities may have and use them at all times. Therefore yesterday, Canada Day, we were treated to much noise and beauty as our Nuchulnath neighbours across the bay celebrated in style.

Anonymous said...

do like i did .. get a 2nd vacuum for upstairs!

hope you are doing well!


Maybe you could get another one and keep one on each level!
Have you shown a pic of your new puppy and I missed it?!
Finally cooling off around here. Thankful for that.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I have been puttering too but it is so terrible hot was 106...yesterday has been that way for a week and I am so over it. This is the first time since 88 that it has been that hot. We had an outside wedding yesterday and it was almost today..air conditioning. Dianntha