Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring is.....still springing.

We finally have a bit of sunshine here and there...although many of you have been experiencing warm tempatures, it's still jacket weather here as we are having a late Spring.  On Mother's Day, I recieved a wonderful flowering hanging plant and 2 tomatoe plants.  My wonderful neighbor gave me a half barrel that we put on the back porch and planted the tomatoes, so we'll see if they come to fruition. I have also put in a bed of yellow pansies and a bed of blueish pansies in the front of the house and moved all my indoor plants onto the front porch and added a hanging fushia. (Next post I'll have pics :)

Yesterday, I chaperoned the LAST field trip my daughter will go on as she is graduating in a few was bittersweet.  Reminded me of all the field trips I went with her over the years... to the zoo, aquarium, fire house, cider mill, pumpkin patch, and so on.  We are counting down, just a few weeks til graduation and her 18th Birthday is just before that. My how time flies. This really is a time for reflection for me...and my son will only have 2 more years of school left as well.

I am back on my diet....really going for it this time, a few years ago I blogged about cutting out all "white foods" like rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread etc and I lost a lot of weight only to let it crawl back on, but I am going to lose it for good this time.  I've been putting everyone else's needs before mine every minute of every day and it's only made me stressed and fluffy :) I have dramatically cut my fat and sugar intake so I've been a little cranky I am allowing myself to enjoy all this season has to offer like lean meats, crispy veggies and low carb fruits.  I am also saying hello to my treadmill again. My husband has recently lost quite a bit of weight and he looks's different for men because they don't "wear" the weight of the household like women do.  You ladies know what I mean....I know you do.

I hope you are all enjoying your Spring and I hope to hop on by and visit you soon.


Priscilla said...

Hi, glad you are enjoying your spring. Its been really warm a few days here in the uk, and now its like october! rain and windy, my green house even blew over! lol. Good luck with your diet, I would love to cut out a lot of 'white food', although I would not be sure what to eat! as i eat a lot of bread. It would be great to hear what you are eating and snacks etc! good luck and see you again soon :) Priscilla

Vee said...

Oh yes, I do know and all too well. I dispatched "white" several years ago and have allowed too much of that to come back in. I like your word..."crawl." I've got to do better because my energy levels have tanked.

Oh exciting times as your daughter graduates and celebrates her 18th birthday. I know that that's a whole 'nuther issue for you. It is always "bittersweet" to have them grow up.

Hope that you'll find time to post a little more when the school season is over.

All the best!

Shelley said...

I know to well about the diet thing...its been a yo-yo most my I weigh more than ever,have severe arthritis and can just barely walk...the best I can do is try and watch what I eat....its been an on going battle my whole life! We have had summer like weather here already and in another month we will be melting...not looking forward to a long hot Texas Summer....I know all about the graduation bit...but,its my last child done with school and about to embark into the real world....I think I am ready though..... :)

ohiofarmgirl said...

I wish you much success!! I lost 27 lbs. since last Oct. and I feel great. I want to lose 19 more but for now I am just trying to maintain as I am taking care of my mother right now so holding on would be good. Dianntha