Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NOT Happy as a Clam

Aren't these cookies adorable? This comes from Family Fun magazine...they have such fun ideas :)

It is clammy, balmy, sticky, moist and warm here in my neck of the woods....UGH!  We had some crisper cooler weather a few weeks back but lately it's been awful.......there is no movement in the air....no breeze..nothing...and the temps have been very warm for late September. I have to open the windows to let some air in but walking across my kitchen floor feels icky and sticky.....(and my floor isn't dirty).
I have had the fans running....I'm not sure if it's my hot flashes or the weather itself..but I am very uncomfortable indeed.  It doesn't feel like Fall at all.

I still have no computer and I am having a harder time getting one at my disposal as the kids have been so busy using theirs for school etc....Hubby has one in his home office that's just for business so I have been outta luck...oh well...pretty soon I'll be getting a new one anyway.  Just be patient with me :)

I have been continuing on my mission to purge the house of all unnecessary items and  it feels great.  I am in no way even close to being a Hoarder but watching that show does put a fire under my butt as far as getting organized goes.  My issue is paper...paper everywhere...receipts, school papers, tax papers etc.  It's all coming together and I am very satisfied with my progress. I have the most lovely shabby floral file folders in which to organize the goings on of the Household. :)

Hope the weather is awesome where you are!


Kim's Treasures said...

My downfall is paper, too! UGH! Love those cute cookies! They look yummy too. Hope your weather cools off for ya', nothing worse than being clammy and sticky, YUCK!

Liane said...

There's nothing like adorable file folders to keep us organized ;o)

Liane said...
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myletterstoemily said...

we just had a break in our hot and
steamy weather. maybe it's coming
your way. i hope so!!!

i am well acquainted with those
dreaded hot flashes. :)

love those darling cookies.


Cute cookies! The weather here is perfect for fall...I'll send some your way!
When you are done getting yourself organized...come over to my house!
Deb :)

Denise said...

Too cute cookies.... but we are not cookie people...... so enjoy one for me....... I am so loving the fall weather .. guess I am ready for the changing of the season..I need to de-clutter my house!

Donna said...

Hopefully you will get your own computer soon! Maybe Santa will come early!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

The cookies are very cute. They would be great for a shower! It is warm and muggy here, too. I am thinking we will be using the air conditioning tonight. I have a lot of paper clutter too. But I am getting better at going through things! Good luck!

Dena said...

Super cute cookies! I know what you mean about cleaning out the clutter. It feels so good to purge and freshen things in the home. Hope you get your computer soon :(



Robin ~
purge the house- hehe
oh it is never ending isn't it(:) love the clam cookies how fun ~!!