Thursday, September 16, 2010

How great is this?

My laundry room pretty much became something of a dumping ground...a place where baskets of dirty laundry waited their turn to be washed...and clean hung laundry waited to be taken down and folded, then forwarded to it's rightful owner.   Now that I am an early riser again, thanks to the school year, I am throwing in a load first thing in the nothing remains to be dealt with and nobody is looking for their favorite pair of jeans or sweatshirt.  I am also feeling quite victorious because whenever I pass through the laundry room...nothing is calling out to me and I'm not tripping on a tangle of clothes. My laundry room is CLEAN and now looks more SPACIOUS.

What does not escape me though, is the occasional wayward orphan sock....makes me wonder if my kids wear mismatched socks sometimes....maybe it's a trend, I dunno.  So I fell in LOVE with the above fabric bucket for lost socks made by HandmadeByBette.  I think I need this...right now I have orphaned socks taking up a few much needed little drawers....I am so bad about tossing things unless I am absolutely sure there is no mate to speak of...socks are not cheap anymore...not like they used to be.

And then there are those who take advantage of lost socks and maximize their potential......
How cute is this little guy?  LostSockCreations has come up with a clever way to avoid tossing out the sole survivor of a lost pair of socks...complete with adorable names and occupations for each creation.  The above little guy is a Biology teacher named Harold who loves to eat nachos :)  Very clever indeed.

What do you do with YOUR lost/wayward/orphaned socks? Toss them? Dust with them? Or are they like mine.....just laying in wait for their mates to resurface from the abyss that has sucked them in?

Blessings to all for a great day!


Vee said...

Same story here... I'm going to rename my laundry room "One Sock Stop." I have a regular little basket for ours, but I like your lost sock basket much better. And I like sock creations, too. Glad that you are enjoying the discipline that comes of a new schoolyear!

Kim's Treasures said...

Much to my dismay, my hubby has them in a pile on the FLOOR!!! I need that bucket!

Shelley said...

I think my washer eats socks...never have been able to figure that one the sock people idea..I will go have a look...have a blessed day.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I used to have way more lost socks that I do now...but truly it is a trend to wear them mismatched...they even sell them that way at kohls! lol
I put them in a pile wait until the kids have looked them over then I pitch them. I cant stand the clutter. Dianntha

Terra said...

The lost sock bag and the sock doll are brilliant.

Becky K. said...

Ours sit in a plastic bag while they wait....usually many are reunited when Jonathan searches his room.

Becky K.

~~Deby said...

.....I hate to throw them they whoever's drawer they belong too...waiting their partner to show up one day...Like the idea of that cute doll though...but what if...what if the other one showed up...would I have to make another doll with they could be *paired*...boy-girl of socks with holes, they hit the trash right away. My husband says his grandma used to darn them....I do to..."to the trash, you darn sock"...but then that could be a euphemism and I kinda hate to use those...just explaining a I am barefoot...

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i'm going to get one of those cute
mismatched sock baskets! it reminds
me of the "island of unwanted toys"
from rudolph!

here's what i do. i collect for a LONG
time and then line them all up along
the back of the couch.

whomever still has no match gets tossed.

this is such a cute post.

Susan said...

Good Morning Robin,

I'm finally getting back to visiting people. I'm so happy. I've missed you all so danged much. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and visiting my Autumn Celebration and for ordering the Apple Cinnamon Tarts. I've had so many requests for them as of late. I think it's just that time of year. ;-)

I love the sock doll. How great! We always have orphan socks lying around. When my son was young, we collected them in an old pillow case. If the other sock didn't show up within a few months, they were fair game. They became rages, they were cut up to become ties for tomato plants, cucumber vines, etc... but our favorite thing to do with them was to make them into puppets.

It all started shortly after my first husband left us and I had no money for Christmas. I found some old pieces of wood and gathered up half used buckets of paint and put together a puppet theater about 4 and a half feet wide and 5 feet tall. I hung a curtain from the window that opened in the middle using strings.

I took a pile of old socks in various colors and thicknesses and made a sheep, a snake, a few oddball characters, a horse, and so on.

On Christmas morning my then 6 year old son came out to the living room to see this enormous package and all of these small packages strewn under the tree. He was so excited and thrilled. It was one of the best Christmases we'd ever had. We used those for years... A lot of magic can come from a few orphaned socks.

Gosh, that brought back such good memories. Thank you for this post. I think I'll have to post about that come Christmas time.

I hope you have a perfectly lovely day,

bj said...

What in the world HAPPENES to those lost socks? I've tried to figure that out and it's hopeless. Like you, I hang onto that lone sox forever....just in case!! :)

I just ordered the sock is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
hugs, bj

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That sock bucket is adorable!! I use discarded socks for dust cloths. Just slip over hand, spray and wipe. I also use them for applying stains, etc. Hey are you?

Life on the Edge said...

I saw that same sock bag on someone else's blog...too cute! My boys used to leave their socks all over. I didn't know which socks belonged to who, but since they were all white, I just started dumping them into a canvas tote I have and let them figure it out for themselves. Much less headache for me!

Forgot to mention that I love your blog dress with the roses and the pink chair. It's just my taste!

Sorry about your computer. Hope you can get a new one soon.

Life on the Edge